Doctors Services has Developed a Pre-Payment Service

News Date: 
16 November 2014

DSG Pre-Pay is the answer to unpaid uninsured service receivables.

Doctors Services Group is excited to announce the release of DSG Pre-Pay

Toronto, November 16th 2014 --Doctors Services Group is happy to announce the launch of DSG Pre-Pay, a new Pre-Payment feature designed to solve the problem of unpaid uninsured service receivables. The feature requires patients to pay for non-emergency uninsured services prior to them being provided, to ensure that physicians are fairly compensated for their time. DSG Pre-Pay allows patients to pay online through a fully secure and encrypted environment.

Now available to all physicians throughout Canada, this service was designed to address the difficulty physicians often face when attempting to account for services performed for patients out of the office, especially prescription re-fills. These unpaid receivables can end up accounting for thousand of dollars in missed practice revenue; DSG Pre-Pay is the answer to this problem.

As the industry leader in the provision of an Uninsured Service billing program, Doctors Services understands what physicians require to run an efficient and lucrative practice. As such, this service is designed to be simple and easy-to-use for the physician, administrative staff and patients.

Implementing this feature is easy, as Doctors Services Group takes care of the technology and the administration. The feature is fully integrated with the Doctors Services Uninsured Service program, to make DSG Pre-Pay simple, consistent and efficient.

To learn more about DSG Pre-Pay and how it can help your practice please visit this page