New Secure Email Feature Now Available

News Date: 
10 November 2014

Doctors Services has developed DSG-Secure, an online and fully encrypted messaging platform for physicians and patients.

Doctors Services Launches DSG Secure

Toronto, November 10th 2014--Today Doctors Services has announced the launch of it’s newest feature, DSG Secure. DSG Secure is a messaging platform that allows physicians and patients to communicate online in a safe and encrypted environment. Not only is this tool timesaving and convenient, it also provides the opportunity for more effective communication between physicians and patients, thus improving the quality of patient care.

Communication through DSG Secure can supplement in-office appointments or replace questions that would have previously been asked over the phone, ultimately helping to reduce phone traffic for the practice and forgo long hold times for the patients.
DSG Secure was built to free up time for physicians, ease the administrative burden on medical staff, and to help patients stay fully informed on their health.

DSG Secure allows physicians to contact their patients online at any time, whether they want to share test results, give medical advice, or simply follow up and check in with a patient. Patients can also reach out to their physician with any questions they may have, allowing them to stay on top of their health and improve the quality of their personal care.

DSG Unlike regular email DSG Secure is fully encrypted to ensure that all health information remains completely private. Furthermore, if your practice wishes to take DSG Secure a step further, Doctors Services offers additional features that can be linked with this program. DSG Secure can be linked with our Uninsured Services Program and we also provide the option of incorporating an Online-Appointment Booking Tool. For more information please visit this page