DSG Secure

DSG Secure

Click on this link to goto the DSG Secure Webstie to start using the service

The next step in providing more efficient, convenient, and higher quality health care

DSG Secure is a messaging platform that allows physicians and patients to communicate online, in a safe and encrypted environment. Communication through DSG Secure can supplement in-office appointments or replace questions that would previously have been asked over the phone. Built with both the physician and patient in mind, the tool is easy to use, convenient and time saving. Most importantly, DSG Secure is built upon our company’s belief that effective physician-patient communication is integral to the delivery of high quality health care.

DSG Secure Highlights:

Provides a Safe and Encrypted Messaging Platform for Physician-Patient Communication:

  • Patients can ask questions, receive test results and stay up-to-date on their personal health
  • Physicians can share test results, communicate with patients and send health information
  • The platform will increase a practice’s efficiency, while saving time and providing convenience for patients
  • The online communication can better connect physicians to patients, enhancing the overall quality of care

Additional DSG Secure Services:

In addition to being a messaging platform, DSG Secure has supplementary features, which can enhance practice productivity. DSG Secure can be linked with our Uninsured Services Program and we also provide the option of having an Online-Appointment Booking Tool. Both services can free up time for physicians, ease the administrative burden for staff, and serve to provide flexibility and convenience for patients.

Our platform fosters two-way, collaborative communication, improving patient satisfaction while saving time for physicians. The bottom line is that better communication means better care. Get on board and see what DSG Secure can do for your practice and most importantly, your patients.

DSG Secure Webstie

Click on this link to goto the DSG Secure Webstie to start using the service