Other New Services Available from Doctors Services Group

News Date: 
5 April 2016

More services are now available from Doctors Services Group to extend and complement their Uninsured Services Program. These services are fully integrated with the industry leading uninsured services program.

The following are some brief highlights of these services that we would like to share with you. Please let us know when we can meet to review this in more detail

Secure Email Services

DSG Secure is a messaging platform that allows physicians and patients to communicate online, in a safe and encrypted environment. Communication through DSG Secure can be utilized for general patient concerns as well as billable medical advice. This service tied in with the Annual Fee program will help increase clinic revenue but also give the patient flexibility and choice when deciding how to communicate to your office.

Appointment Request Services

DSG Appointment Request Services allows the patients to request appointment times easily online at any time. The requests are sent to the clinic where it is reviewed based on the clinics schedule. If requested time is approved an email is sent back to the patient confirming the time. If already booked an alternative time will be sent to the patient for approval

Pre-Payment of Uninsured Services

This new service allows the patient or the office the ability to request pre-pay for all uninsured services if not already on the Annual Fee Program. The office or patient can log in and select their uninsured service and request payment or pay for it up front which will eliminating the need to invoice and collect payments.

Clinic Web Site Hosting

This is a full clinic website hosted by DSG. A clinics website is a valuable tool to communicate information to your patients, such as office hours, flu shot clinics , office news and a host of other information. DSG's Clinics websites are also fully integrated with the clinics uninsured services program and other services offered by Doctors Services group to provide one streamlined platform.

This link will take you to a demo site to show you an example of what you could offer your patients : Demo Clinic Website