Our Clients

Our Clients

Doctors Services Group works with a wide range of clients and can accommodate any medical practice that performs uninsured services in order to maximize their practice revenue.

  • Our primary clients are family physicians, however we also have much experience working with Pediatricians, Ophthalmologists, Rheumatologists and more.
  • We accommodate practices of all sizes, ranging from solo practices to those with upwards of twenty physicians.
  • It doesn’t matter what type of family practice model you use, FHG, FHT, FHN or fee for service models; all are still applicable to our services. By billing for uninsured services each of the above practices can significantly increase their revenue.

We encourage all prospective clients to contact us with all questions regarding your specific practice and how Doctors Services Group can benefit you.


“It has been a pleasure working with all the remarkable staff at Doctors Services the last several years…Doctor Services changed our office into such an organized clinic…Their hard work and dedication in making our Uninsured Service program flourish, has not gone unnoticed. Running the individual invoicing for us has also taken a load off of our staff. I would recommend their services to any practice large or small.”
–Dr. Yoels Abells, Medical Director, Forest Hill Family Health Centre, Toronto

“Their service has been beyond my expectations. I receive email notices every week with past and up-to-date information and I receive payments on a regular basis.”
–Dr. Michael Weinstock, Toronto

“I find Doctor Services Group very efficient, reliable, non-intrusive to me or the patients and quick to respond to my queries.”
–Dr. Peter Barreca, Toronto

“It was so gratifying to finally have a corporate structure that communicates with us on a weekly basis, and sends us our money on a regular basis…We have no doubts that this relationship will continue as positively as it has begun.”
-Dr. Brian Silver, Generations Family Health Centre , Toronto