DSG Pre-Payment

DSG Pre-Payment

The new way to ensure that patients pay for uninsured services rendered and that physicians are fairly compensated for their time.

Is DSG Pre-Pay right for your practice? Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Does your practice struggle to collect for every dollar of Uninsured Services rendered?
  • Do you have particular difficulty accounting for services performed for patients out of the office?
  • Are over the phone prescription re-fills especially hard to collect for?
  • Do you wish there was a simpler and faster way for patients to pay for Uninsured Services?

Many physicians have thousands of dollars of unpaid Uninsured Service Receivables. Doctors Service’s online Pre-Pay feature is the solution to this problem.

What is it?

DSG Pre Pay is designed specifically for out-of office Uninsured Services, which physicians often have difficulty accounting for. Our system ensures that all non-emergency uninsured service fees are fully paid for by patients prior to being performed by physicians. We take care of both the technology and administration and we fully integrate DSG Pre-pay with our Uninsured Service program, to make things simple, consistent and efficient.

How does it work?

When patients call the office to request for uninsured services, the office will send the patient an email and/or SMS message with a link directing them to where they pay online. Once the patient has made the payment, the office is immediately alerted and can then follow through and perform the service. Payment is made easy for patients, through our seamless program, which offers the option of paying through the web or a mobile device. All payments are made through a fully secure and encrypted environment, offering the same security used for online banking.