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Miscellaneous Mailings

Miscellaneous Mailings


Doctors Services offers mailing services for any needed office correspondence that your practice requires. These mailings are managed and sent out to your patients by us on the behalf of your practice, which in turn saves you time. We also provide you with the option of a standard mailing or email services.

Some examples of Mailings that may need to be sent:

  • Practice move notices
  • Office closures
  • Retiring notices
  • Maternity leave notifications
  • Ministry Rostering Forms
  • Office Newsletters
  • Preventative Care Letters
  • Or any other patient correspondence as needed


Additional Mailing Information

  • We provide a selection of template options to structure and personalize your letter
  • We aim to reduce mailing costs by ensuring each household is only sent one letter
  • We utilize existing family grouping algorithm to keep costs down
  • If not all patients require letters our system allows us to use any demographic field accessible in the doctors EMR System – For Example: By age, patient status or rostered status