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15 Mar 2020

Please find below some helpful resources regarding the COVID-19 virus. These resource are from other medical information sites

5 Apr 2016

More services are now available from Doctors Services Group to extend and complement their Uninsured Services Program. These services are fully integrated with the industry leading uninsured services program.

29 Jan 2016

Doctors Services Group is pleased to announce the adding of another service to its current suite of services available.
This is a full clinic website hosted by DSG. A clinics website is a valuable tool to communicate information to your patients.

Doctors Services Group


Doctors Services Group provides the industry leading Uninsured Services Billing Program. The Annual Fee / Block Fee program is is a professionally run program that is totally customizable to the specific needs of your practice. The program is educative for patients, simple, and convenient.

Uninsured Services Program


DSG Secure is a messaging platform that allows physicians and patients to communicate online through a fully secure and encrypted environment. Physicians can contact patients instantly to answer their questions, provide medical advice and share test results…all without playing telephone tag.

Secure Email

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Many physicians have thousands of dollars of unpaid Uninsured Service Receivables; Doctors Services online Pre-Pay feature is the solution to this problem. Designed specifically for out-of-office services, the feature ensures that all non-emergency uninsured services are paid for prior to being performed

Pre Payment Services

Doctors Services Group is the industry leader for uninsured service billing programs and also offers physicians a suite of additional tools and services that will transform practice productivity and enhance patient care.

At Doctors Services we believe that physicians should be fairly compensated for all services they provide and that patients should be informed of what uninsured services are and why they are paying for them. Our Annual Fee/Block Fee Billing program is fully customizable, professionally run, and most importantly it educates patients and provides them with exemplary customer service.