Insights into Ontario’s Uninsured Services: 2024 Fee Updates

Doctor Services Uninsured Billing Highlights

Every year, the Ontario Medical Association updates its annual Physician’s Guide to Uninsured Services, adding new non-OHIP covered services, adjusting suggested fees, and providing additional recommendations on managing uninsured services billing. Staying on top of the latest changes is essential for physicians to navigate their billing practices effectively and minimize revenue loss.  In this blog […]

Uncovering the Costs of Uninsured Medical Services to your Practice

Cost of uninsured medical services

Everyday, family physicians encounter overwhelming requests for medical services falling outside the Ministry’s OHIP coverage, commonly referred to as uninsured services. Despite the significant time commitment involved and the OMA updates the Uninsured Services Guide every January, many physicians are not billing their patients. While various reasons may exist for not collecting payment, the reality […]

Webinar: a guide to uninsured medical billing

Doctors Services Group Webinar

Are you struggling to navigate and manage your uninsured medical services effectively? What if we told you that you could be missing out on potential earnings of up to $20,000 annually, solely from prescription renewal requests outside of office visits? The reality is, handling uninsured medical services can be an exceedingly time-consuming task, both for you […]

Why and how to educate your patients on uninsured services 

Patient Education

Every year, due to increases in healthcare costs, the Ministry delists insured services that they no longer deem medically necessary. The list of uninsured services continues to increase but the changes are not directly communicated to the patients. As a result, many patients are surprised to discover that not all their medical needs are covered […]

The top three uninsured services you should be billing but aren’t

Is your medical practice billing for all the uninsured administrative services that you can? Many practices miss out on these key revenue opportunities. Family and specialty physicians can charge patient fees for administrative services that provincial health insurance does not cover. While frequently paid for on a per-service basis, some practices also offer their patients […]

Busting the annual fee myth

If your medical practice has shied away from annual fees for uninsured services, you might want to reconsider. Family and specialty physicians can charge patient fees for administrative services that provincial health insurance does not cover.  Some practices offer their patients the option to pay an annual fee for their uninsured services as an alternative […]