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FAQ for Patients

Frequently Asked Questions - Patient


What are Uninsured Services?

Uninsured Services are those that are no longer covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

Examples of Uninsured Services are:

  • Prescription Repeats by telephone or fax
  • Medical advice given over the phone
  • A variety of sick notes or government/insurance forms

Providing these services takes up to 5% of the time and resources required to operate a physician’s practice. When physicians provide these services for patients they are not compensated by the government.


What are the coverage options for Uninsured Services? 

Physicians offer an Annual Fee or Block Fee Program where patients may pay the yearly fee and consequently be covered for all uninsured services. If a patient does not wish to pay this, they can opt to pay for services as rendered. This is called the individual invoice program and it allows patients to pay-as-they-go.


What does Individual Invoicing mean?

This means that instead of paying one fee to cover all services for one year, patients can chose to only pay for services when they require them. To pay these fees quickly, we offer the option to pay online through the Doctors Services site.


How do I decide if I should pay the Annual Fee or pay as I go?

We recommend reviewing your physician’s fee list and considering how often you, your significant other, or family, requires any of these services. Costs can pile up quickly and we find that the majority of patients save money by paying the Annual Fee.


Are there different types of Annual Fee plans to chose from?

This depends on each individual practice. In the majority of practices there is a specific Annual Fee program for couples, families or individuals. For more detailed information you can check with your physician or contact Doctors Services at 1-866-423-8267.


What if I have financial difficulties?

If you have financial difficulties we advise you to pay for services as rendered. If this is not an option you should speak with your physician directly about your financial situation.


How do I sign up?

If you have received a letter from your physician in the mail or through email you can fill out the form and register that way. You can also enroll online through our website or over the phone with Doctors Services at 1-866-423-8267. 


Once I sign up am I locked into the program?

The Annual Fee Program will cover you for one year. Each subsequent year you will be provided the option of continuing to pay the Block Fee or opting to pay for services as rendered.


Will I be covered if I see a Physician other than my family practice Physician?

This depends on the practice, however the answer is most likely no. Typically the Annual Fee will only cover services from your own family Physician.


I’ve been invoiced for a service, how do I pay?

There are a few payment options:

  • You can complete the payment slip and mail the payment in the provided envelope
  • You can call us at Doctors Services at 1-866-423-8267 and pay over the phone.
  • You can pay online through the Doctors Services Website
  • You can pay in your physician’s office


Who can I contact with questions about uninsured services, invoices or concerns?

You can contact us at Doctors Services at 1-866-423-8267 or send us an email. We are always happy to help in any way that we can.