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Office Administrative Tools

Office Administrative Tools


Doctors Services believes in the importance of harnessing technology to help our clients, which is why we have developed an online system geared to managing your practice’s Annual Fee Program. The system is accessible by both physicians and front-office staff, is simple to use, and includes many features that will make managing your Uninsured Services effortless. If your practice would like to implement this system all that is required is internet service and we are able to set it up at any time.

System Highlights

Allows your Practice to Easily Check for:

  • Patient Payment Status – If a patient has paid the Annual Fee
  • Individual Invoice Status – If a patient has any outstanding invoices


Manage Patient Status and Collect Payment:

  • Patient Status – The office can mark a patient that has deceased, moved, changed doctors, etc.
  • Payment Collection – If a patient chooses to pay the Annual Fee in the office, staff can mark that on the system
  • Address Change – The office can easily change the address of a patient or make other demographic changes


Individual Invoice Generation:

  • Option to replace the current manual faxing process in invoice generation
  • Invoices can be generated online and given immediately to the patient if required


You can Print, Collect or Cancel Invoices:

  • Individual Invoice Printing – Allows the office to print outstanding invoices for patients when they come in for an appointment
  • Payment Collection – If a patient chooses to pay an outstanding invoice in the office, staff can mark that on the system
  • Invoice status – You can cancel or write off any individual invoices


Patients can Pay Online:

  • Patients can pay the Annual Fee or Individual Invoices via the internet using their credit card or interact from their home
  • For offices that do not take credit card there is the option to process payments in the office


Monitor all Reports:

  • Access Reports - All weekly, monthly, and individual invoice reports are easily accessible online in real-time


Provides your Practice with Email Options:

  • Option to email patients their Annual Fee Letters
  • Can email Individual Invoices + email receipts
  • Email office updates such as: Newsletters or clinic information