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Individual Invoicing

Individual Invoicing


Not all patients will chose to pay the annual fee, which is why it is equally as important to have a well-run and efficient Individual Invoicing program.  How you manage pay-as-you go patients, ends up accounting for a significant amount of annual revenue for your practice.

Doctors Services takes care of this for you, allowing you as a physician, to remove yourself from the difficult process of charging and collecting payments from your patients. Our program is designed to closely monitor upcoming or outstanding invoices and it’s simple, easy-to-use, platform, makes for easy administration. 


Program Overview:

  • Patients are invoiced for services as rendered on a weekly basis
  • We provide monthly reconciliation reports on uninsured services, which include a statement of both the paid and outstanding invoices
  • We manage and collect overdue fees
  • We provide a tax credit report for any services rendered where payment was not received and was then written off


Program Features:

  • The system is effective, simple and easy-to-use
  • The online system allows doctors or staff to check for outstanding invoices at any time
  • Administrative staff can print invoices in the office for patients
  • The staff can also collect invoice payments in the office and process them instantly